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Japan Leading The Way In New Password Security?

Posted: 03/8/13 8:24 AM

Computer security researchers are continually looking to develop new products so that passwords – widely seen as an easy thing to discover – become unnecessary.  Voice recognition and biometric systems are likely to be the way forward in years to come, but have Japanese researchers came up with something far simpler?

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Getting Specific With Computer Surveillance

Posted: 03/5/13 9:29 AM

If you are trying to find out how your partner, children, or employees are using a laptop computer, and which websites and applications they are regularly using, it can be tempting to invest in an ‘all in one’ computer monitor that records and sends activity directly to you.

What if you want to look at a specific element of computer use, however, such as social media?  A social media tracking device could be the tool you need.

We explored the pros and cons of such a device.

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How to Get More From Your Surveillance Activities

Posted: 03/4/13 9:26 AM

So, you have invested in some great spy gadgets to help you get hold of the information you need, whether that is relating to your children, partner, or employees.  It may be a case of you invested in a number of security systems for your home, to give yourself and your family peace of mind, particularly at evenings and when you aren’t home.

Security systems and spy gadgets can be a little like your smartphone, however.  Great to own, but it can be difficult to know whether you are really making the most of their potential.

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Does Google Glass Represent The Future Of Spy Gadgets?

Posted: 03/1/13 9:38 AM

The technology world is currently at fever pitch considering the possibilities that the new ‘Google Glass’ product is set to bring us.

While it is unclear what the full range of features could be, Google themselves say that their purpose is to offer a sense of ‘augmented reality,’ and give us a new way to access the internet on the move and perhaps even contact friends.

Having looked at the product, we decided to ask whether it may have a future as a spy gadget, too.

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What Are The Most Practical ‘On The Move’ Spy Gadgets?

Posted: 02/28/13 6:16 PM

If you are looking to keep watch on employees, children, or your partner, there are many ways in which you can do so.  Using spy programs to track their activity on a mobile phone or laptop computer is a popular surveillance method, and using a GPS tracker to keep tabs on their whereabouts is often an option, too.

The only problem with a GPS tracker, however, is that it is somewhat blatant, especially if you don’t want someone to know you’re watching them.

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Could SpaceTop 3D Change the Face of Security?

Posted: 02/28/13 10:50 AM

The SpaceTop 3D, a computer that allows you to reach inside and touch its content, has been unveiled for the first time at the Los Angeles TED conference.

The first thing that the new SpaceTop 3D computer brings to mind is the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, given that the user can ‘touch’ everything within the system and navigate menus by physically moving things with their hands.

While this is an exciting product, and is obviously going to become a hit with tech junkies around the world, what are the possibilities for enhancing security?  Could a 3D monitor such as this become a top spy gadget?

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Top Jobs For Using Spy Gadgets

Posted: 02/26/13 12:37 PM

The world of spy gadgets, video and audio surveillance equipment, and other great products can seem exciting, almost mystical, to those outside of it.

Of course, some of us will use spy cameras and other pieces of spy gear in our lives, for whatever reason.  Others might not get the opportunity, however, but still have the desire to do so.

Why not get a job that will allow you to use such gadgets?

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Should Big Brother Be Watching Us?

Posted: 02/25/13 2:24 PM

While George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is often cited in arguments against becoming a ‘totalitarian’ state and used as ammunition whenever arguments around public CCTV cameras arise, one UK Member of Parliament has today called for ‘Big Brother’ to be watching us more than ever before.

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USB Computer Monitoring Tool

Posted: 02/22/13 3:45 PM

We have previously taken the opportunity to look at how we can monitor activity on a mobile phone handset, but that is not the only means we have of spying on what others are doing.

The circumstances might be the same, they might be somewhat different, but having the ability to see what someone is doing on a laptop computer, whether a child, a partner, an employee or someone else, can potentially help to get the answers you are looking for.  This USB computer monitor will help you do that.

While we managed to find a number of benefits to the Android phone tracker, the fatal flaw ultimately served to let it down.  How did the computer variant fare?

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Quick Data Recovery From Android Handsets

Posted: 02/21/13 4:00 PM

While a telephone bill is a great analysis tool, it is somewhat limited concerning what it can tell you.  Yes, knowing who has been called or sent a message, and when, can be useful, but it is hardly painting a decisive picture of how a mobile phone has been used, is it?

This Android Data Recovery Device enables users to do just that, meaning that anyone can get a clear picture of exactly what a mobile handset has been used for.  Who might use this?

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