When you think of Spy Gadgets, what are the first things that come to your mind? Conjuring up images in your mind of James Bond-esque awesomeness?

Well you’re not far off- and luckily today these devices are readily available for anyone looking to up their surveillance game, or counter surveillance for that matter.

But more specifically- a spy gadget is any device that can be used; either remotely or at close up range,  to “spy” or watch/monitor a target source, without them being made aware that you were ever there! (Not that you have to be!)

What are Gadgets

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Mobile Phone Surveillance: Myth Or Reality?

The fact is, most people do not know if mobile phone surveillance is being undertaken on their device. Why? Because typically most people do not have the technical know-how to realize something is amiss, or refuse to believe that they are being spied upon.   However, trust is easily misplaced. [...]

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Smartphone App Set To Revolutionise User Control Experience

A new smartphone software application which was recently unveiled at CES2016 in Las Vegas, could soon represent the future of smart technology. The software application, developed by the company Neura, was given a demo by develop Gilad Meiri , in what could be described as a “scary” and phenomenal breakthrough [...]

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The Lowdown On Electronic Security Locks

For as long as security has been taken seriously, technological advancements have been keenly sought after. Why? Because without a doubt, as time goes by, older security devices are being rendered obsolete; either as a result of too basic craftsmanship, or as sophistication of criminals increase. That is the exact [...]

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Securix 8 Channel 4 Camera 700TVL 1TB Professional CCTV Kit Review- A Very Good Solution In Home And Office Security

Like most things technological, home security systems are now very affordable. Not long ago, a good system would set you back back thousands of pounds, while systems with average capability would be priced in the high hundreds. Not any longer, as this Securix 8 Channel 4 Camera shows. Its now [...]

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The Alarm Mine- An Injury-Free Deterrent

If you’ve ever found yourself at the mercy of vandals or even stray animals, an alarm mine could be a very cheap and efficient way to keep unwanted visitors off of your property. The alarm mine in non-lethal, in the sense that it used a blank 12 gauge shotgun cartridge, [...]

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Did MI5 Betray Our Trust By Secretly Spying On Our Phone Conversations

In a shocking announcement made public by Home Secretary Theresa May during the draft unveiling of the Investigatory Power bill overseeing the spying on communications by security forces, it was revealed that MI5 has been covertly collecting and storing phone data, to check for so-called “terrorist connections” According to Mrs. [...]

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