Teleport 2 Telephone Call Logger and Voice Recorder

People may want to keep record of incoming and outgoing calls for one reason or another. It might be for business or even as a security measure.

This device known as Teleport 2 can generate a log of all your calls and record it on your PC. Furthermore, it also records the actual calls in audio form. So anytime you need to refer back to any of the calls for any good reason, you can simply play back the audio of the call and hear at your leisure.

The device called Teleport 2 connects to the phone line and has an USB connection to hook up to the PC.

Its not a surveillance gadget in the real sense but can be used to that effect in some instances. For example, a telephone tap device such as this can also act as a security tool because if you happen to get threatening calls or the like, it enables you to save the number and the actual recording of the call as proof or evidence. It can also be used to monitor calls made by your teenage son or daughter so they don’t get into mischief and run up the phone bill. Then again, they will probably unhook the device before making their calls!

This is made to international standards and will work with most phones in the UK. More information on the product is available here.