Electronic Dog Barking Alarm

There are a lot of different types of devices available to defend a home against burglary, from the high-tech video surveillance systems to the common burglar alarms and many other solutions in between. Some work better than others. This is a quite novel one and could work just as well in preventing a burglary. It is an electronic dog barking alarm.

Dogs are a real deterrent because if burglars get an impression there is a dog in the home, they are much less likely to enter it than a home where they suspect there isn’t one. Even though this particular one is not a dog of the real kind, it can be just as effective at doing the job thus, hopefully, make them scurry away.

This device, Secure Dog, imitates the barking sounds of a German Sheppard dog.

There is a sensor allowing it to detect movement through a wall or door. If anyone approaches the front door for example, the device will blare out barking sounds, and the closer they get the louder the sound. It detects movements within a range of 20 feet.

Unfortunately, as you would expect, it cannot actually discriminate between a real burglar or anyone else, it therefore would go off every time someone violates the sensor, even when its just a visitor. However, when you are at home you can set it to the more tranquil settings, so rather than dog barking, it will provide more leisurely and soothing sounds.

One of the criticisms of a barking dog alarm device such as this is that they don’t sound real enough once someone gets a little used to hearing it a few times. Having said that, burglars have so little time they may not have enough time to decide whether its real dog or otherwise.