Radio Controlled Car with Video Camera and Audio

Many radio controlled cars with spy functionalities such as listening devices and cameras have tended to be slightly disappointing either because of their limited capabilities or the vehicle itself is too primitive looking, probably because they mostly tended to be designed for children. Not all adults would be too keen being seen at the controls of one of those. However, this, on the other hand, is a car that looks like it was designed for the family and would not look out of place in the hands of an adult.

This car, from NitroTek, comes with a colour video camera; the well-sized controller has the transmitter and is also fitted with an impressive looking 1.5 inch display monitor fitted in between the joysticks on either side for viewing. You can even tilt the camera up and down with the controller to get a more desired view of what you are watching. The camera only provides live video and does not record, however.

Another nice little feature of the camera is it incorporates infrared night vision allowing you to carry on with covert missions late into the night, adding an extra dimension to the fun you could have with this.

Demonstration of the Car in Action

Looking at the video of the car in action, it seems the video captured by the car is of good quality without being crystal clear. But being priced at £104.99 inclusive of VAT, and a good radio controlled car in its own right, there are not too many complaints.

One further advantage with this particular car is that it also features audio. The car also has a built in microphone that picks up sounds to wherever its driven or hidden. So if you like the idea of listening to what your friends might be saying you can pick up on their conversation as long as the car is within a 60 metre range from the receiver (the controller). Just don’t let them know what this car is capable of and they should not be any the wiser.

The car reminds me a little of a show called Robot Wars because it is a sturdy looking vehicle that looks like it was designed to withstand a few hits and bumps.

The only drawback is that the camera does not have recording functionality and the screen size could have been slightly bigger.