If you are the type of person who needs to maximize the privacy of their smartphone, then you should look into the KoolSpan TrustCall. This easy to install security software is compatible with BlackBerry, Android, and iPhones, allowing for optimum security. Once installed, it allows the user to make completely secure and encrypted phone calls and send encrypted text messages.

The full KoolSpan TrustCall system has multiple components in their mobile security software. These components include the TrustChip encryption chip, a TrustRelay Server, and the TrustCall mobile app. These components work together to create a military grade encryption that is incredibly hard to crack. The smart phones create an encrypted tunnel for IP’s via WiFi connection or over the cellular data network. This allows for every single voice packet to be encrypted as well.

The best part of the TrustChip encryption chip is how easy it is to install. It is a simple microSD chip that can be easily plugged in and loaded. The market support of this package is very extensive, because TrustCall can work with nearly every smart phone that has a microSD slot. This allows anyone to be able to have maximum security in his or her day-to-day lives.

It is also handy for businesses and corporations that want their employees to keep their conversations secure. KoolSpan has actually made the statement that the largest demand for their TrustCall package is coming from the private sectors. This means stockbrokers, banks, and physical security companies are using the TrustCall system.

Of course, security comes with a price. KoolSpan charges an activation fee of $119 per phone. This price includes the TrustChip microSD card. After the initial activation fee, there is an ongoing fee of $44 a month for the app bundle that features both the TrustCall and TrustText.