Picture this; you are sitting at your desk filling out some paperwork when suddenly you notice out your window that your target just happens to be leaving the restaurant across the street from you! Your gadgets are too far away to grab before they take off in their car and you need to grab a snapshot of their license plate. Luckily, the pen you were writing with happens to be the MP9 Spy Pen with video recording and data storage. With a click button press, you snap a few photos of the license plate and send the pictures off to HQ.

The MP9 Spy Pen not only writes, but also features a small camera capable of taking both photographs and up to two hours of footage on its 4GB storage space. Once you have acquired the evidence you need, you simply take the top half of the pen off to reveal the USB plug-in. Video resolution is 649×480 and picture resolution is 1280×960. Although, the video is not high definition, it is more than enough to capture the evidence you need to bust your target.

Unfortunately, the MP9 Spy Pen does have one main flaw, and that is that it has a light on it. When on standby, the light glows yellow and when in use, the light turns to blue. Not a very big deal, perhaps, but for a secret agent it would greatly hinder the covertness required to complete an up-close surveillance without being noticed.

However, even with the light glowing when in use, this pen is still a great gadget for any spy to keep on them. It looks just like a regular pen and will go unnoticed if it is used properly. As always, a gadget can only do so much. It is up to the spies themselves to put the gadget to good use!