If you are looking for a discrete hidden camera to place in your home, office, or another secret agent’s hideout, you will definitely want to take a look at the BB2BlueRay10 Bush Baby 2 BlueRay Cover. This nice little spy gadget is cleverly disguised as a DVD case, allowing it to blend in with a DVD collection or sit near a TV without ever raising a question about it. The camera lens is placed on the side of the case, allowing it to be placed in perfectly normal ways to capture video without the slightest suspicion.

The BB2BlueRay10 Bush Baby 2 BlueRay Cover features full color VGA quality video as well as full motion direction. It is capable of recording up to 10 hours of footage and supports up to a 16 Gigabyte Micro SD card. The video resolution is 1280 x 960 and can record at up to 30 frames per second.

This secret surveillance gadget is very user friendly, charging it is as simple as plugging it into the computer via a USB cord. It turns on with a single hidden switch, and from then on, the rest is done by a special remote control that is included. This remote is able to change modes from continuous recording to motion detected recording, as well as snap photos all with a press of a button.

The BB2BlueRay10 Bush Baby 2 BlueRay Cover even includes a random movie slipcover, to further disguise this hidden camera. It is perfect for anyone who wants stealthy surveillance of an area. Whether you are a secret agent needing to film the activities of your target or simply a parent who wants to check up on what the babysitter is doing when they are over, the BB2BlueRay10 Bush Baby 2 BlueRay Cover will not disappoint!