Secret agents often need to make copies of classified documents to bring back to the agency. If the documents are on the computer, it is pretty simple to make copies of them. However, physical documents are a bit trickier. You could use a camera to take a picture of them, but those pictures could come out blurry and the whole mission could be wasted. This is where the DOCUScanner Portable Hand Scanner comes in.

This gadget is a user friendly and easy to use document scanner. Simply run the DOCUScanner Portable Hand Scanner over the desired document and it will scan a digital copy of the image and save it to its memory. 1GB of memory is capable of storing up to 1280 pages. The memory in the scanner can be upgraded all the way to a 32GB Micro SD card making it able to store all the documents you could ever need.

The DOCUScanner Portable Hand Scanner is capable of scanning 300 or 600DPI images in seconds. This is perfect for quickly slipping into an office and grabbing copies of all the crucial documents they have hidden away. It runs off 2 AAA type batteries, which allows it to scan roughly 200 pages on a single charge. After 3 minutes of inactivity, it shuts itself off to conserve battery life.

This gadget is handy for everyone, not only secret agents. You can conserve space in your workplace by digitizing your paper files. This gadget eliminates the need for bulky scanners, saving tons of space as well. Simply wave the DOCUScanner Portable Hand Scanner over your business cards, checks, invoices, or any other important documents you might have, and have a perfect copy stored. The copies then can be transferred from the scanner directly to the computer via the included USB cable.