Spyware that can be installed onto mobile phones is becoming an increasingly popular purchase, especially among parents who want to monitor their children’s phone usage, and employers who wish to track how their employees are using their company issue handsets.

Blackberry Ghost Spy Software is one of the most popular examples of such spyware, especially given the brands’ popularity and that Blackberry handsets are used as company phones by many businesses around the world.  Blackberry handsets are also a popular purchase for parents buying a phone for their kids, owing to the fact that Blackberry Messenger (BBM) can be a cheaper messaging solution than traditional SMS messages, depending on the tariff and payment plan taken out.

Buying and installing this specific spy software comes at a cost exceeding £150, which is more than a lot of Blackberry handsets cost.  At that price, you’d expect to be getting an all-singing, all-dancing monitoring solution that will put your mind at rest.

Is that the case?

Feeling Underwhelmed

Whether you are a parent or a business user, you really need to think hard before buying this product, as it doesn’t offer a great deal more than what you can get from a phone bill in terms of data monitoring and use.

Yes, there are options for monitoring BBM, which doesn’t appear on a bill, and the ability to monitor e-mails sent and received will be beneficial to business owners who suspect their employees are using their business account for personal reasons, or potentially misrepresenting the company.

Unfortunately, that’s about it, as even the most neurotic boss surely isn’t going to worry about whether or not someone takes a quick call from their other half on their business mobile in an emergency?  Additional features such as calendar and contact list monitoring are also available, but we’re left wondering whether they’re necessary.

While the GPS features make it a useful purchase for parents, other products on the market can achieve this aim at a cheaper price than spyware for phones, and apart from BBM usage, any parent can easily view their child’s activity or ask to see their handset to review its content anyway.

A useful tool if you really feel you need it, but not something you should view as an essential purchase.