Getting the peace of mind you need that your pets, children, or visitors aren’t tearing up your home when you aren’t there can be difficult at the best of times.  Often, we find ourselves heading out to work or to a function and spend the night filled with the dread of what we are likely to return to.

Using Dropcam, however, these uneasy feelings can be put to rest forever.

All you have to do to set up Dropcam is to plug in the device, set it up, and away you go.  You can customise alerts with the device so that you can receive alerts on your phone or tablet whenever there is movement or sound, or log in at any time to see what is happening ‘live.’

Not only is Dropcam useful for keeping an eye on pets and children when you aren’t there, it also doubles as a handy home safety tool, and could potentially save you thousands on expensive home alarm systems and monitoring subscriptions.

While the basic version will allow you to pick up everything on your mobile device, you can also sign up to a number of subscription options that allow your recordings to be backed up to a remote DVR over a seven or 30 day period.  In addition, you will get the use of an ‘event timeline’ so that you can identify any trends that you need to.  The advanced technology systems used within the product compresses the data files, meaning that you can record an area of your home 24/7 and see no detrimental impact on the performance of your internet.

Night vision features also come with the product, and set up automatically so that your specific area is monitored around the clock, whatever the light conditions.

While Dropcam is a great security tool given what you get for the price, you can also have some fun with it, as the top quality HD recordings might pick up some fun and potentially embarrassing moments for your pets, children, or even yourself, which you can then easily share via social media.

For peace of mind while you aren’t home, for pets, children, or general security, Dropbox is definitely a product worth investing in.