As spy gadgets go, few look as great or have the range of capability that a thermal imaging camera does.  At the same time, it is easy to look at such products and question why a layperson would need them.  Clearly, we know the reasons the emergency services, mountain rescue teams, and the military would need them but do they offer anything to Joe Average?

Cost Considerations

Given that the starting price for many models in this category is around the £2,000 mark, it would be easy to dismiss it as something for those who have more money than sense, especially in the tough economic conditions we are all still living in.  When you consider that the top price for these can be anything approaching £20,000, the case for them being a dream or luxury purchase grows even more compelling.

Thermal Imaging Uses

There is, however, a number of ways in which thermal imaging technology can be used in various aspects of life.  We would suggest that the most effective means of doing to so would be in conjunction with GPS tracking devices, such as the one we have recently reviewed here on Spy Review.

But who could realistically use them?

Farmers and people who have large swathes of land in the immediate vicinity of, or close to, their homes, would be well placed to use thermal imaging technology.  Farmers’ use speaks for itself, but for large landowners such a product would enable them to monitor their land at night when conventional CCTV may not have great night vision features.  Being a handheld device, such a product would be great for the person looking to check their property sporadically, rather than invest in an expensive system to work in conjunction with existing security hardware.

Groups that run orienteering activities, or similar ‘military based’ weekends and events, could also use them as a device for tracking down individuals who have become lost or are running behind schedule.

Thermal imaging technology is a great option, both as a surveillance tool and as a safety measure for those involved with facilitating outdoor activities.  Such products may come at a cost, but they are definitely not mere ‘boys toys,’ and definitely serve a serious and valuable purpose to all who use them.