As more of us embrace a wider range of home surveillance techniques, there is a need for the way in which we use spy cameras to become more inconspicuous.  Of course, some of us use visible CCTV systems and other means to act as a deterrent, but many increasingly want to watch an area on a covert basis.

There is, of course, a full range of reasons why we would want to do this.

It might be something trivial, like you want to see if the milkman is actually delivering your milk, or if the paperboy steals it as you suspect.  You may need it for something more serious, such as being able to monitor what the kids are doing, are they going in your bedroom when they shouldn’t be, when you aren’t home, or even if you suspect a partner might be cheating.

Either way, you aren’t going to get the information and peace of mind you want with a big camera that screams ‘Big Brother is Watching You.’

One new and brilliant technique is to place a spy camera inside a smoke alarm case.  The only downside is that it doesn’t actually work as a smoke alarm, but who is going to suspect that it is in fact a clever video surveillance device, unless they work for the secret service?

These cameras record directly onto an SD card, and can be set to constant recording or the better, power saving option of being motion activated.  The device uses a high-resolution camera giving you a viewing angle of around 70 degrees, which will give you a level of flexibility in terms of where you position the camera.  When it is time to view, you simply place the SD card into your computer, open your media suite, and you’re ready to go.

If you are looking for a short-term home surveillance solution for regular checking, then this is certainly a product worth considering.  It isn’t going to work if you are headed away for a week, for example, as you will only get the early portion of the period.  For what it offers, however, it is a great piece of kit.  Just remember which smoke alarms are the legitimate ones in your home!