If you are trying to find out how your partner, children, or employees are using a laptop computer, and which websites and applications they are regularly using, it can be tempting to invest in an ‘all in one’ computer monitor that records and sends activity directly to you.

What if you want to look at a specific element of computer use, however, such as social media?  A social media tracking device could be the tool you need.

We explored the pros and cons of such a device.

Getting Specific

Clearly, a social media tracker is great news for anyone who wants to look specifically at these elements without having to cut through e-mails, website history, and anything else that someone does on a computer.

It works in much the same way as traditional computer monitors do, too, simply by installing a hidden program via USB onto the system you wish to analyse, before plugging the USB into your own laptop or desktop.

Unfortunately, that is where the benefits begin and end.


While there is no doubt this is a useful product, the cost is a major drawback.  At £139.99, it is possible to pick up an ‘all in one’ monitor at a cheaper price to take care of your computer surveillance, so we’re not sure why you would pay for such a product.

The other big drawback is that a lot of social media use takes place on mobile smartphones and tablets, so unless you invest in a spy tool for the person’s mobile as well, you aren’t going to get an extensive picture of someone’s social media activity.

A good product, yes, but one that perhaps there wasn’t a need for when you can get something more wide reaching at the same price or cheaper.